Partnership-working is an important element to the success of Asfar. Whether it be through international partnership projects between the UK and the Middle East, or through working closely with a university to deliver a short skills programmes. Without Asfar’s partners, our work would not be possible.

Asfar partners with a range of different organisations including: NGOs,  CSOs and international development bodies; universities and colleges; specialist Middle Eastern organisations; diplomatic bodies; trade organisations; the voluntary sector; and any other organisation interested in working together to develop a regionally-focused platform and working towards developing individuals.

Asfar’s partners are both social and commercially-focused and include bodies such as our funders; collaborative partners; and consultancy partners.

If you would be interested in working with Asfar or becoming a partner, please contact either Sheniz Tan or Charles Yassin or alternatively email

See below some of our current partners:

CRISP – Berlin, Germany

CRISP developes projects and facilitates trainings dealing with conflict transformation and civic education.

CRISP contributes to peaceful conflict resolution with their work in post-war areas. That is why CRISP supports critical democratic forces, which initiate, support and encourage a peaceful conflict transformation in society. In this process, CRISP guiding principle is to adjust their projects to local needs.

CRISP’s activities are targeting mainly young civil society activists interested in experience-based learning. With the use of simulation games enriched by role-play elements CRISP aims for a self-organizing, holistic, and highly hands-on learning culture.

Youth Spirit Jordan

Youth Spirit – Amman, Jordan

Youth Spirit is a non-profit organisation and works on hosting, co-organizing, and participating in different local and international youth exchanges, seminars, training’s, and non-formal education programs.

Youth Spirit works to inspire young people by connecting them to new life experiences and support the self-expressing & sharing. Proving the opportunity to watch and support community building, as well cultural & interfaith dialogue actions. Working to break stereotypes, promote the concept of non-violence education  through a diversity of non-formal technique and actions related to intercultural dialogue, women rights, human rights, democracy, freedom of expressing, building-bridges, art and history.

Youth Spirit is to increase the quality of youth active participation in the society through local action and international exchange; and to focus on youth initiatives as a base for development; and to promote our visions of coexistence, diversity and pluralism.



Takim better 

Takim Yildizi  – Istanbul, Turkey

TAKIM YILDIZI is a scouting, youth and sports club based in Istanbul working under TIF (Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey). TAKIM YILDIZI  have more than 800 girls and boys licensed members between ages 12-18 and young leaders between 18-35. In local level, some meetings are being prepared for the target groups weekly. Members participate some other national activities and TAKIM YILDIZI also organises her own youth camps. TAKIM YILDIZI  also have our own camping and training centre out of Istanbul. Only this summer, had been five camps and some of our members participated to some national camps together with 6000 scouts. TAKIM YILDIZI is also making inte

NAMBA 2    

NAMCB – Sofia, Bulgaria

National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization uniting civil employees working in municipal and regional administrations in Bulgaria. The organization works with key Bulgarian and international experts in arias such as youth work, public administration, security, law, communication, entrepreneurship, anti-corruption, etc. The organization relies on excellent working relations with the local authorities in Bulgaria maintained through its members. NAMCB has the capacity to organize events in almost all 28 districts of the country, as it has active local members who can contribute to the implementation of various initiatives in the respective region. Together with the Council of Europe we conduct Leadership Academy for government officials and mayors in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The experience has been gained through various international projects, conferences and seminars.


Cukurova Universitesi Adana Meslek Yuksekokulu -Adana, Turkey

Being the biggest Vocational School of Higher Education of Çukurova University, the organization serves about 6000 students in 15 departments of both formal and distance education. It aims to educate well-trained and talented staff in that country needed branches; the interface between engineers and technicians to meet the need for manpower and professional staff, modern and high quality.

In the Vocational School of Higher Education, whose education and training periods lasts for two years, students graduate with the title of technician and professional staff. Special attention is being paid in the context of University/Industry Collaboration: courses are opened in order for students to develop practical knowledge and technical visits to factories and industrial businesses are organized in the region.

It promotes training in the departments of Computer Technologies, Electronics and Automation, Electrics and Energy, Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production, Nursing and Care Services, Construction, Machine and Metal Technologies, Material Processing and Material, Motor Vehicles and Automotive, Accounting and Tax, Hair Care and Beauty, Travel, Tourism and Entertainment, Textile-Clothing – Shoes and Leather, Food Processing and Wholesale and Retail Departments as formal education and also in the departments of Computer Technologies, Accounting and Tax Applications, Child Development, and Electronically Communication as distance education, including a total of 16 laboratories, 6 workshops, 40 classrooms and 45 offices. The academic members of the University’s Faculties, such as Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Education and Medicine, support the school as teaching staff.

InterfaithInterfaith Encounter Association – Jerusalem, Israel

The Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) works to promote genuine coexistence and sustainable peace, through joint community building on a grassroots level, using interactive interfaith dialogue as its vehicle. The a-political and all-inclusive approach of the organization and its activities continuously form the human infrastructure for peace in the Holy Land.

Through its twelve years of existence, the IEA has delivered: in Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians and in the larger Middle East – more than 1,700 programs, with thousands of participants. A key fact is that the participants in IEA programs include people of all political and religious views, as well as all ages, genders, walks of life etc; and that the vast majority of them have met ‘the other’ for the first time through IEA. The IEA has formed till now 65 on-going community-groups of interfaith encounters – from the Upper Galilee to Eilat, including 25 groups of youth and young adults and including 14 groups that bring together on a regular basis Israelis and West Bank Palestinians.


Rönesans Enstitüsü – Ankara, Turkey


Established in 2010, Rönesans Enstitüsü has been involved in more than 20 national and international youth projects, as coordinators, assistants, interns and participants. Members of Rönesans Enstitüsü have developed several EU Education and Youth programme. Rönesans Enstitüsü is currently implementing its first Erasmus+ programme.

Furthermore, Rönesans Enstitüsü provides PCM training, youth information seminars and workshops in Active Citizenship, Youth unemployment, inter-cultural learning and gender equality.

Rönesans Enstitüsü mission is to produce social values to our programmes ensuring high quality and inclusive youth services for young people through educational, social and cultural opportunities, while mobilising their potential as young individuals.

Rönesans Enstitüsü vision is to produce long term solutions through our international youth studies, while providing guidance and developing a sense of leadership amongst young people.

asAS Center for the Empowerment youth PLWHA – Belgrade, Serbia


AS Centre was founded in 2009  by 53 young People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and 21 young healthy people, and as such, we have a unique association in Serbia, which contributes to democracy, the rule of law and build a unified support system through the active participation of (PLWHA) in the process adoption, approval and implementation of decisions and policies in all areas and at all levels of management.

Our mission is to Empower youth PLWHA, promotion of Positive prevention, healthy lifestyles and the protection of fundamental human rights in line with the Serbian, European and international legislation, through scientific research and professional rights and status of PLWHA, educating the public, professionals, parents and young people and raising awareness about human rights.

AS Centre promotes solidarity, motivate and encourage the community, PLWHA, their families, friends, people who are affected by prejudice and increased risk for HIV infection, to join forces to build healthy lifestyles, tolerance and equality, to provide respect for human rights and freedoms, to create a tolerant environment in which to accept and appreciate diversity and to provide high quality and universal access to social, legal and health protection.


Cordoba Academy(CATED) – Marrakesh, Morocco


Cordoba Academy for training education and development (CATED) is an accredited educational institution, which aims to provide students of all ages with the knowledge, skills and experience to equip themselves for life. CATED works in partnership with schools and organisations locally, nationally and internationally to ensure courses are matched to today’s standards and the needs of tomorrow.


Common Sense Youth Organization – Sumgait, Azerbaijan


“Common Sense” youth organization is the most active organization in Sumgait. It was established in 2006. Since its establishment, Common Sense has implemented a range of activities: a Debate programme for students and schoolchildren of the city, Sumgait. Find Your Rights: training courses aiming to empower and develop competences of young people using outdoor activities as a tool in the topics of human rights and youth participation. During a seven days programme of activities, participants – youth workers/leaders from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, will be equipped by various tools and methods of outdoor education and learned how to transfer their knowledge in their countries. Further programmes include Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding amongst young people.


Creative Development Center – Tbilisi, Georgia


Creative Development Center is a newly founded NGO, created by the initiative group, that has implemented several projects in the region of Caucasus since 2009. Our main topics are: non formal education, conflict management and conflict transformation, using art as a tool for non-formal education and raising awareness about different topics, as well as fostering civic involvement in different processes. We think that the best way to learn and develop new skills is putting new knowledge in practice. We actively use innovative tools for non-formal education. We are highly specialized in Simulation Games, Forum Theatre, ART tools and other well adopted non formal education tools. We think that civil dialogue and active citizens are the ultimate instruments on the way towards peaceful coexistence. Knowledge and skills are the power that help talented people create new reality based on their ideas and potential. Below mentioned projects are/were implemented in cooperation with initiative groups/partner organizations.


AEGEE-Baki – Baku, Azerbaijan


AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum)-Bakı is a student organisation that promotes cooperation, communication and integration amongst young people in Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines – today it counts 250 members

AEGEE, which was founded in 2004 in Baku, puts the idea of a unified Europe into practice By encouraging travelling and mobility, stimulating discussion and organizing common projects, AEGEE attempts to overcome national, cultural and ethnic divisions and to create a vision of young people’s Europe. AEGEE operates without any national level of organization. The structure is based on a European Level (a European Board of Directors working in Brussels, Commissions, Committees, Working Groups, and multinational Project Teams), and on a Local Level (close to 200 Antennae or local groups, forming the Network).

The association’s main aims are: promoting a unified Europe without prejudices, striving to create an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow, fostering democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross border cooperation, mobility and European dimension in education.