Asfar always welcomes volunteers to assist in our work.

Whether you would like to volunteer as an Editor, a Contributor, provide assistance on our Youth programmes or even support us in our development and fundraising side, Asfar would be very interested to hear from you.

In order to volunteer, please send your CV and a short email explaining why you would like to get involved in to: info@asfar.org.uk

Current Volunteer opportunities

Project Leads

Asfar is currently recruiting for Project Leads to support the coordination of our international programmes.

The volunteer placement includes an opportunity to be a leader and comes with its own monetary stipend.

To learn more, email – resolve@asfar.org.uk


International Project Development Volunteer Intern

Asfar is currently recruiting for a International Project Development Volunteer Intern for 4 days per week.

The volunteer placement will include 3 months living in Sarajevo and will include a volunteer stipend, accommodation and other perks.

To learn more, visit – https://www.asfar.org.uk/asfar-recruiting-volunteer-intern/

Reconciliation Project Assistant

Asfar is currently recruiting for a short-term Reconciliation Project Assistant (Volunteer) for one day a week from February 2019 to October 2019.

Without the support of volunteers, Asfar would not be able to function.

The role of Reconciliation Project Assistant will support the launch, delivery and the successful management of Asfar’s first RESOLVE international programme which supports young people to develop key reconciliation skills and launch their own social action projects.

It will also involve the development of the RESOLVE Network.

To be considered, please email your CV to info@asfar.org.uk with a paragraph about why you would be interested in volunteering.


Erasmus+ volunteers

Asfar is seeking dedicated volunteers interested in supporting the project management of our Erasmus+ and wider international programmes. To learn more about our programmes, visit our Erasmus+ pages – http://www.asfar.org.uk/erasmus/what-is-erasmus/