Reconciliation through Betzavta training

My experience on a Asfar conflict resolution training programme abroad. An interview with Emma Knight   Emma participated in an Asfar international reconciliation programme called Betzavta in December 2017 and March 2018 to develop her skills both as a team leader and to manage conflict situations.     How did you hear about it and … Continued

A profile of Child Marriage in the Caucasus

Child Marriage is still an ever-present issue throughout the world, and is most widely known and understood in Africa and the Middle East by the general public, but in Europe and the wider Western countries knowledge of child marriage in the Caucasus is limited. There is a lack of information and awareness of the causes … Continued

Erasmus+ Evropa2Evraziis Youth Exchange to Istanbul report (11th July to 17th July 2016)

Between June and September 2016, Asfar organised 7 Erasmus+ funded youth exchanges, including to Turkey, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, as part of Erasmus+ Evropa2Evraziis; Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt and S4C. Erasmus+ is an EU funded transnational learning scheme providing a wide range of educational opportunities for young people, including: Youth Exchanges; … Continued

Kufi Exhibition – Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

5th March-10th May 2016   The Kufi Exhibition held at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, 5th March to 10th May 2016, included a wide range of Arabic, Maghribi and Osmanlica (Ottoman Turkish) Kufi Qu’ranic manuscripts and examples of calligraphy with a particular focus on the how Andalusian Islamic culture influence the wider Islamic world. … Continued

Asfar and Erasmus+ 2015

During 2015, Asfar held its first EU Erasmus+ Youth Exchange programmes. Organising 4 Youth Exchanges activities throughout the year in Istanbul, Turkey; Amman, Jordan; Jerusalem, Israel; and London, UK, providing cultural learning and international opportunities for over 30 young people in 2015: to participate in inter-cultural activities; learn about the EU, citizenship and human rights; … Continued

Erasmus+ Inspire Europe, March 2015

March 2015, saw the first Asfar Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Inspire Europe, occur in Istanbul, following over 6 months preparation to bring young people aged 18 to 30, together in a unique cultural and learning experience. 20 young people from the UK and Turkey, were able to meet, engage, learn about each other’s’ cultures, develop new … Continued

Editor’s Note – December 2014

Welcome to Asfar’s December 2014 edition of our e-Journal. Our Editors, Writers and Contributors have been working hard over the last 4 months to bring this fascinating edition to all of our readers. With a slightly new look, Asfar’s e-Journal continues to develop in leap and bounds. Asfar’s December 2014 e-Journal, has evolved, unintentionally, into … Continued

Editorial Note, e-Journal July 2014

With further discord occurring within the Middle East, extending and crossing borders and a new chapter in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict upon unfolding, it has never been more important to show and promote the other side of the region: namely the People, as well as its diverse culture, history and geography etc. Living outside of the … Continued

Editorial Note, e-Journal March 2014

Asfar’s e-Journal, voluntary Editors and Contributors continue to dedicate their time, skills and invention to publish a fascinating and unique e-Journal, produced by aspiring writers, thinkers and photographers of the Middle East. This edition sees a range of diverse articles from: Aisa Martinex’s article and photos on Researching dress in Saudia Arabia, edited by Ruby … Continued

Editorial note – December 2013

Since our inaugural edition in December 2012, the editorial team at Asfar have been fortunate to work with a fantastic number of young writers and photographers. This edition of Asfar would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication and we are keen that the growing interest and engagement in the journal can … Continued

Caravans, Yörüks and the Balkar Mountains

When it comes to the last term of the penultimate year, every student is thinking about the topic of their dissertation. The thesis, which will cap off there undergraduate life, and for some will be the foundation of future learning, research and even greatness in their subject of choice. For others it will be just … Continued

Editorial note – August 2013

Over the past year, Asfar’s Editors, Writers, Photographers and Volunteers, have been considering methods of developing Asfar and its’ reach to new participants and audiences in a variety of different ways. And the results of this activity, can be no better seen than in the August 2013 edition of the e-Journal. From a fascinating rhetoric … Continued

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