Peace Praxis – peace building & conflcit resolution in Berlin

Asfar and a group of volunteers visited Berlin, Germany between 7th February to 12th February as delegates of the CRISP managed Erasmus+ Peace Praxis programme. Organisations from Russia(Northern Caucasus), Ukraine, Denmark, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, as well as Asfar from the UK and CRISP from Germany, took part in a 5 day best … Continued

Erasmus+ Sport 4 Change – London, February 2017

Asfar hosted an Erasmus+ youth exchange, as part of our Sport 4 Change programme stream, which aims to mobilise sport for development to promote skills, encourage cultural engagement among people of different backgrounds and conflict resolution. Participants from UK, Morocco and Azerbaijan spent a week together in London. As well as participating in sport activities, … Continued

Asfar e-Journal online – January 2017

Asfar’s latest e-Journal for January 2017 is now online. Led by young people, Asfar’s unique e-Journal offers insightful glimpses into the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus. This issue, put together by senior editor Joe Worthington, includes a range of articles on the UAE, Turkey and its importance to the UK as an ally, the … Continued

Asfar’s CEO participates in House of Lords’ IRC round table

  November 2016 As part of a key policy-making round table, Asfar’s CEO, Sheniz Tan, visited the House of Lords’ International Relations Committee to promote young peoples’ views on the future of the UK’s Foreign policy towards the Middle East. Our CEO was particularly asked to provide guidance on Turkey, how young Turkish people engage in … Continued

Asfar e-Journal – November 2016 – now online

Asfar’s latest e-Journal for November 2016 is now online. Led by young people, Asfar’s unique e-Journal offers insightful glimpses into the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus. This issue, the first by our new senior editor Joe Worthington, includes a range of articles on the First World War, Black Bedouin Tribes, the Israel-Jordan gas deal, experiences … Continued

Erasmus+ MESAP – Sofia Youth Exchange – Digitalising the Youth Sector

In September 2016, young people from UK and Bulgaria participated in a unique youth exchange in Sofia, Bulgaria, as part of the Erasmus+ Micro-Enterprise & Social Action international Programme. The youth exchange, entitled Digitalising the Youth Sector brought young participants from each country together to learn about different countries, peer young people and to learn how … Continued

Erasmus+ Evropa2Evraziis – Baku, Azerbaijan

The final Erasmus+ Evropa2Evraziis youth exchange in Baku, Azerbaijan occurred between 1st September and 7th September 2016. The youth exchange involved a week of informal learning activities with four national groups from: UK; Turkey; Azerbaijan; and Georgia. The activity further built upon the previous learning programmes and upon participants knowledge about the Caucasus, Anatolia and … Continued

Erasmus+ MESAP Transnational meeting, London, UK

On 29th and 30th July 2016, Asfar hosted Erasmus+ MESAP partners in the UK. The transnational, the second of the project, primarily focused on year 1 delivery, programme progression and more importantly, final preparations for the MESAP Youth Exchange: Digitalising Enterprise, due to take place in September 2016. A full update of the transnational and … Continued

Erasmus+ MESAP – Bulgaria

MESAP partners’ Asfar, Cukurova Universite and NAMCB have been out rolling its domestic training on Enterprise and Social Action within their own communities between June and August.   NAMCB completed training in June. In order to understand how this training was approached NAMCB provided a brief update on what occurred during the activity:   What … Continued

Bulgaria & Free Enterprise & Social Action training

In July and August, Asfar will deliver free Enterprise and Social Action training for young peopled aged 16 to 24, as part of our strategic partnership Erasmus+ MESAP project. If you are based in London and Not in Employment, Education or Training and would like gain training in how to develop your own Business idea or Social … Continued

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