The main theme of our project is “Children” as well as the issues surrounding unaccompanied minors, such as social exclusion and discrimination. By operating the children’s shelters “Homes For Hope” and offering non-formal education seminars, among other youth initiatives, Asfar’s Cypriot partner has developed a fertile ground for EVS activities.

This is a 12 month EVS programme and starts from 1st October 2018.

The EVS volunteer will also need to be able to participate in a preparation meeting in Cyprus in September 2018.


“Homes For Hope”


The minors at the shelter have a culturally diverse background, therefore, the proposed EVS project aims to promote acceptance and unite youth from different countries, foster the understanding of issues of cultural diversity and inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.

“Homes for Hope” shelters provide:

  • Effective protection of the safety of minors (boys, 12-18 years old);
  • Ongoing psychosocial support and counselling; establishing mechanisms of durable solution for family tracing, assessment and reunification;
  • Smooth integration into the reception or host country; reintegration into the country of origin or a third country;
  • Provision of assistance in the transition period from adolescence to adulthood; coordination and comprehensive assessment of the background and social history of each minor in order to collect all necessary data.

All the above mentioned services are based on models that are considered good practices in other European countries, adapted to the needs and special circumstances of Cyprus and are divided and grouped under three main pillars that form the operating mechanism of the shelter: rehabilitation, integration and durable solutions. The volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in all of these steps of the services provided by “Home For Hope” (always with the supervision of the staff members).


About you

We are looking for undergraduates and graduates alike, offering various volunteer positions that can match your abilities. Particularly, we are looking for young people 18-30 years old having the following work-related skills and characteristics:

  • Good knowledge of the English language.
  • High-school graduates.
  • Have the ability to work in a multicultural environment, and the ability to engage in intercultural dialogue and communication.
  • Able to work in a team – willing to work with young people from different nationalities and religions.
  • Enthusiastic, hard-working, flexible and undertaking initiatives.
  • Organization skills and problem solving.
  • Ethical person with no prejudices and respectful towards the non-discrimination and mutual respect principles.
  • Holders of an academic degree in one of the following fields: Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Law will be considered an advantage.
  • Knowledge of either Greek, French and Arabic languages will be considered an advantage.


The above are necessary due to the nature of the EVS project and the sensitivity of the issues that need to be addressed. The children in the shelter are unaccompanied minors and come from unstable backgrounds, i.e., victims of conflict, trafficking, abuse etc. It is important to note that the participants will be there as volunteers and will not substitute the social workers or other staff. However, some of the qualifications listed above would be highly advantageous, both for the volunteers as well as for the children at the shelter.

Due to the multicultural and multidisciplinary environment of the shelters and the volunteers are reminded that knowing their roles and responsibilities and those of their colleagues and getting acquainted with the policies and procedures of the shelters will help them to address all kind of circumstances and to respond to crisis situations in the shelter that might arise in the shelters.


About the Selection Process

The volunteers will be selected according to their profile and interest for this project in a transparent and objective way, regardless of any religious and ethnic background, as well as with criteria of inclusion and non-discrimination. A mutual agreement by all partners will be drawn out to ensure the matching of the volunteer profiles and interests to the activities.

The pre-selected candidates will go through an interview with the sending organization (Asfar) to determine their suitability and motivation. They need to be convincing about their motivation and present a clear understanding to the cause of our Organization, as well as to the core values and objectives of Erasmus+.

As an important part of the selection process, each volunteer will be asked to develop a draft of a personal project within the mission and the vision of Cypriot partners/”Homes For Hope” with clear learning goals and with a clear vision for engaging in the facility, research and creative responsibilities during the EVS program.

To apply, complete our general Erasmus+ Application Form (available here) and send your CV to with the email subject as EVS Home for Hope.