Asfar is a strong believer in the power of Sport as a tool for Peace and Conflict Resolution, as well as for development both one an individual level and at a community level.

Asfar’s CEO headed up LITC’s Sport for Development department from 2011 to 2015 and continues to design, develop and deliver for Adapted Sport programmes aimed at developing young people, youth workers and transforming societies.

An example of Asfar’s Sport for Peace programmes, took place in London, UK, February 2017 and in Baku, Azerbaijan, May 2017. Erasmus+ Sport 4 Change utilizes sport to develop young people skills, while also developing their understanding in how sport can be used for social action and community projects in developing their societies. For instance, participants learned how to deliver a Sport programme to develop awareness around STI/HIV/AIDS, social inclusion around Disabilities and Youth crime prevention, three key areas within their societies which have a significant impact.

To watch the Sport 4 Change video visit here –

From 2017, Asfar will launch RESOLVE: Conflict Resolution thru Sport, a sub-department of our organisation which will focus delivery in the Caucasus addressing: Child Marriage in Georgia and Azerbaijan; Women Economic Empowerment; and Sexual Health awareness, alongside are current central delivery focusing on Youth and Skills development.

Asfar is currently seeking Volunteers and Trustees in relation to the launch of RESOLVE. If you would be interested, please email with you CV and your reasons for getting involved.