Digital Coffee & Talks was launched in March 2020 with the onset of the Coronavirus.

It was initially a micro-social action project established in partnership by the Asfar team, our current European Solidarity Corps volunteers and young people on our current Erasmus+ programmes.

Digital Coffee & Talks involved two key deliver elements: youth-led peer Support & Mentoring, through ‘Digital Coffees’ and ongoing Skills and Knowledge linked to our current Erasmus+ programmes, even with lockdown, through educational ‘Digital Talks’.

The programme management team is a partnership including Asfar’s staff and the current youth wing of the RESOLVE: Network including our current European Solidarity Corps volunteers on the ESC Volunteer 4 Peace programme and encouraged co-development and youth-led social action and solidarity, key themes of our wider work.

It also ensured both support opportunities for young people in our network throughout the different countries, with the knowledge that if they really needed extra assistance then they could request a one to one call with a member of staff.

In particular, the Digital Talks have been highly successful with up to 40 people registering at a time and on average a 65% turn out.

Past Digital Talks subjects have included:

  • Transitional Justice
  • Inter-ethnic Dialogue: the NDC’s 20 year engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Self-Planner: Goal Catcher training
  • Conflict Resolution and the Spiritual Realm in post-conflict Mozambique
  • Peacebuilding in the context of COVID-19
  • Understanding conflict in the midst of urban riots in the USA

Recordings of our previoust Digital Talks can be found on Asfar’s Youtube channel: